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    Verve Rally Arabia 2023

    6 days / 5 nights || FULLY BOOKED

    There is no denying why the United Arab Emirates is often called ’a land of contrasts’ and Verve Rally Arabia 2023 is designed to fully appreciate this diversity of beauty, luxury, adrenaline, relaxation, gastronomy and of course, driving.

    A winter escape unlike any other. From the luxe glamour of Dubai and its marina; sweeping desert landscapes with ribbons of pristine black tarmac in Ras Al Khaimah; the traditional Bedouin charm of Sharjah desert; and the natural beauty of Fujairah with its laid-back beaches and rugged mountain passes. There is no shortage of dramatic scenery in this fascinating country, full of rich history to explore.

    Verve Rally is an exclusive travel club, renowned for its selection of excellent roads through a variety of terrain, a melodious supercar convoy backing track, outstanding hotels and a preeminent alumni of like-minded luxury travellers that relish adventure and fun.

    And now for one of the most important questions. What car will you be driving?

    If your car is local to the UAE, you can join with your own supercar (qualifying criteria applies). Or, for ultimate convenience, pick your car from the list of supercars we have arranged especially for this event. A wide selection of Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Corvette and Porsche are available and as is customary with all Verve Rallies, they're on a first-booked basis.

    Explorers at heart, our convoy will be enjoying the hospitality of 4 Emirates
    - Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah and Fujairah.

    Outstanding 5-star resorts selected for their character and charm nestled in the foothills of mountains, private beaches, endless sand dunes, award-winning spas, are all true reflections of the Emirates.

    Fully Booked


    Verve Rally is as much about the people as it is about the driving and curated locations. When you apply to join, we will arrange a meeting/zoom/call to ensure it’s a good fit for both before proceeding with your application.

    After each Verve Rally, you return home with a head full of memories and a heart full of joy.

    Register your interest for the trip of a lifetime, we’ll send some more information via email and we can discuss the finer details over coffee or the phone should you choose to apply.

    About us - what is Verve Rally?

    • “Verve”: noun

      1. Vigour and spirit or enthusiasm.
      2. Vivaciousness; liveliness; animation.

      Verve Rally is an award-winning luxury travel club for supercar owners and enthusiasts. Entrance is by application and our membership committee will speak with you personally when reviewing your application to join. We have specialised in luxury road trips with GT /Supercars since 2016 and have more than a dozen rallies under our belt. Our members are an illustrious and exclusive community of travel and motoring enthusiasts.

      Each Verve Rally is an infusion of the values we live by - fun, adventure and gratitude and it’s reshaping the definitions of a car rally.

      This is not a race and it is not timed in any way. It’s an epic journey with like-minded people that appreciates the present moment. As time marches on, with the days and years flying by, we hope Verve Rally will become a highlight of the year for you - one that leaves you with cherished memories and friends for a lifetime.

      Curating exclusive lifestyle experiences since 2016, Verve Rally returns in 2023 with a luxury road trip through the UAE. With the Arabia Rally starting outside the UK, we’ve sourced a fleet of supercars for our members with the latest models from Ferrari, Lamborghini and McLaren, or you can of course transport your own car to the UAE.

      Each Verve Rally route provides an expressive space for the GT / Exotic / Supercar to be enjoyed with a group of like-minded people.

      We tailor the experience to balance driving time with exploration and rest at our luxury locations. You’ll spend an average of four-five hours driving, on driving days, cruising in convoy along inspiring hand-picked roads. Rest, food and re-fueling stops are all taken care of in the route plan, and we’ll be arriving at the day’s destination by late afternoon. Unique spa hotels steeped in history (5-star excluding Snowdonia) provide the serene space as soon as you’ve parked up. And with no night-time driving, you can indulge in all the destination's flavours and experiences.

      It’s also worth mentioning that we’re the first European rally to be truly carbon neutral. We calculate our carbon footprint and plant trees (not carbon credits) to offset the carbon through the PATT Foundation.

      A Verve Rally experience embodies the following six elements:

      •  Air - relaxed; friendship; good vibes.
      •  Fire - passion; energy.
      •  Earth - fresh produce; nature; a car rally that’s completely carbon neutral.
      •  Water - rivers; lakes; oceans; spas.
      •  Metal - GT / Supercars reflect a pursuit for perfection and enjoyment of driving.
      •  Spirit - philosophy; adventure; fun; enthusiasm; gratitude; verve!

      Drive your own vehicle, or choose from our collection of cars through our network of partners.

      Ready for summer? Register your interest to take part in the exclusive Verve Rally.

    Six elements you will love

    Indulge. Discover. Awaken. Marvel. Relax. Connect.

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    • Fresh Produce. Forests. Mountains


    • Adventure. Travel. Gratitude


    • Lakes. Spas. Seaside


    • The Machine. GT / Supercars


    • Summer. Sunsets. Passion


    • Stimulating conversation. Cool Breeze. Good vibes


    Reviews from past “Ververs” ...

    • “Very well organised rally that will exceed your expectations in every way.”

      M. Lindley
    • “A fantastic adventure. Thought it would be once in a lifetime but can't wait to do it all again.”

      C. Rogers
    • “If you like to drive, you'll love this. If you don't like to drive, you'll love this drive!.”

      V. Ubl
    • “Leave your cares behind, live in the moment and have a fantastic experience!”

      S. Lindley
    • “Close to perfect. Recommended highly.”

      T. Cooper
    • “Unforgetable - 10/10.”

      M. Kaviani
    • “A car lovers dream roadtrip.”

      G. Bessone
    • “Totally worth it. Beautifully planned and performed. 10/10.”

      E. Hysa
    • “I had an amazing time, best roadtrip with amazing company.”

      Z. Khan
    • “I’m recommending Verve Rally to everyone including my Aston Martin mates. A big tick off the life list.”

      D. Evans
    • “An experience of a lifetime. Meticulously planned and brilliantly executed by the Verve Rally team. Highly recommended.”

      A. Reay
    • “A wonderful experience encompassing the most stunning sites, fabulous company & bucket-list activities.”

      G. Oliphant-Hope
    • “Verve is classy, fun & exclusively for those who love life, live for adventure & believe that memories are one of the best investments one can make.”

      E. Davidson
    • “When I first heard of Verve Rally, there was no hesitation, I just booked it as I wanted to take my new car on it. If you’re considering going on it, don’t hesitate, just book.”

      B. Gagea

    Let's chat over a tea / coffee (or call) ...

    The experience is as much about the people as it is about driving fabulous roads and visiting the carefully selected locations, which is why we take the time to get to know everyone before they enter the rally.

    After a Verve Rally you will return home with a head full of memories and a heart full of joy.

    Register your interest for the trip of a lifetime, we'll send some more information via email and we can discuss the finer details over coffee or the phone.

    Questions? Please, get in touch ...

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